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What makes our school and yoga training unique?

We believe that Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, body shape, body size or current ability. This is our philosophy and we are proud to bring it into all our classes, workshops and teacher trainings. There is no need to be super flexible, super fit, or a particular body type to do yoga. In yoga there is no judgement or competition, all you need is desire.

200hr Yoga Teacher Training (Hatha Focus) Our goal is to work with you to create a flexible training program that fits into your life and schedule. Plus we offer extended completion timelines as needed. Want to do your yoga teacher training while your kids are at school or your significant other is at work, our program runs during the week days during the week (school hours)!

Grove Yoga School includes a variety of special features with optional workshops such as Teaching Mat Yoga For Older Adults and Seniors or Teaching Restorative Yoga  to enhance your training.

Our program is not limited to those who wish to teach; it is great for yoga enthusiasts  who wish more information to enhance their own yoga practice.

Yoga Fitness/Classes Throughout the year we schedule a wide range of classes, from beginner hatha flow classes (more on the gentle side), a chair yoga series (for those with balance, injuries or other mobility issues), right through to our high intensity (dynamic) hatha class. In addition we also schedule specialized workshops featuring topics such as Asanas-Focus on Alignment or Building Flexibility to enrich your personal practice.

Plus we can create a personalized program for a group of friends, co-workers, or private sessions for just one or two. Let us help you find your perfect yoga style no matter your age or fitness level and teach you what works for your body. Then you can go into any yoga class anywhere, feeling comfortable, confident and successful.

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